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It's the wetsuit the diving veterans know by name. Our classic front-zip model features maximum comfort, a sleek design, and top-notch thermal capabilities. A combination of UV protection, abrasion resistance, and color control make the Maldives Polyester 32 an ideal companion for high-performance watersports. Divers, surfers, and kayakers have found their perfect fit.

*Polyester construction
*Built-in knee pads offer supreme protection (KEVLAR knee pads optional)
*Embedded antimicrobial micro-spheres protect against pathogens
*Abrasion resistance and color control ensure long-lasting suit
*UV Protected fabric keeps skin safe and doesn't oxidize
*Elastic thumb bands to keep arms in place
*Thermal protection for added warmth
*Neutral buoyancy
*This Aeroskin product is great for Scuba Diving, Swimming, Wind Surfing, Water Aerobics, Water Skiing, Jet Ski, Kayaking, Triathlon
*Proudly custom-made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jan S.
Great Customer Service

I have used Aeroskin dive skins for 30 years. They are made well and so comfortable.

Janet S.
These Dive Skins Last

I have purchased dive skins from Aeroskins a very long time ago - maybe 20 years, and decided that maybe I should get a few new ones. That's my recent purchase. The old ones are still in circulation though.

The Aeroskins are the ones that last, that stay in good condition, that I use all of the time, and that always look good. I am "retired" from instructing, but I used to do over 100 dives a year, and these have held up, in chlorine, in salt water, etc.

The other brands I've purchased before these get stretchy and thin and saggy in spots. They don't hold up, especially in chlorine, and since I was teaching I would wear skins over my bathing suit several times a week. The Aeroskins are the rock stars.

I wear them by themselves over a bathing suit for pool and warm water diving, under a wet suit for cooler water, sometimes as the layer under a dry suit for warmer water diving that still needs a dry suit, and sometimes under the dry suit underwear for another layer.. I was so happy to be able to find Aeroskin still actively making and selling dive skins when it was time to get a few new ones after all the years of use on the old ones.

Thank you very much Janet for taking the time and sharing the warm feedback! Support l from loyal customers like yourself is what keeps us going throughout these years. We greatly appreciate you staying with us and having us be a part of your journey.

Aeroskin family

Annemie Tattje-Wantens
Used this product for over 25 years!!

I have had the pleasure to dive with an aeroskin divesuit for over 25 years and only now do I need to replace it. I wore it underneath my winter dive suit for dives in cold water or just as is, for diving in tropical waters. I have been diving less in recent years, but still use it for snorkelling, SUPping and just swimming when it is a bit too chilly for just a bathing suit alone. This is an amazing product and I’m so happy it’s still available in the exact same colour as the one I’ve used all these years. I love how the fuchsia looks in underwater pictures!

Miss Unterwasser 1991 (as you see this was a long time ago ;-))
Annemie Wantens

Thank you so much for your support! Certainly the classic Aeroskins are here to stay! We're really glad that we're with you throughout these years.

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