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Caring Service + Quality Products 

 At Aeroskin, we go against the grain. While other companies embrace a hands-off, large-scale production style, we’re unique. We understand that the most valuable part of the of the Aeroskin community are the people who use and enjoy our products: you. This is why we embrace connectivity in all aspects of what we do.

With an incredibly streamlined process, we’re able to oversee every aspect of the operation—from our hands to yours. This means premium personalized care, limitless custom options, and a flawless end result. Our unique model grants us the freedom to make custom wetsuits for a variety of specific needs; it speeds up production and allows for quick delivery times. This is all possible thanks to Co-founder Cecil Listana’s endless passion, perfectionism, and drive.

It’s no wonder that many of our customers have stayed with us for over twenty years.

Design, production, shipping, marketing, and management all take place within San Francisco, CA. We’re proud of this fact. Not only does it shrink our carbon footprint, but it allows us to maintain our distinctive “hands-on” quality control—ensuring that we continue to deliver the best possible product directly to you.

What We Do

We’ve won the Malden Mills Award for design excellence, but most importantly, we’ve won the respect of divers, surfers, and aquatic pioneers everywhere.

Aeroskin delivers unparallelled quality, crafting premium light-weight dive skins and wetsuits. Our product is comfortable, durable, and reliable, offering UPF 50+ protection in a variety of state-of-the-art aquatic fabrics.

Our Values

  • Trustworthy. Delivering superior product quality and service
  • Performance-Driven. We exceed expectations
  • Reliable. With our prompt delivery, waiting is never an option
  • Safe. From design to production, we place safety above all else
  • Comfortable. So you can be one with the suit
  • Perfect. Precision is our calling card
  • Motivated. We constantly strive to redefine perfection

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