• Sodwana L554
  • Sodwana L554

Sodwana L554 (Unisex)


Royal Blue
Hot Pink
Neon Yellow
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Swimmers and and all-around water pioneers will love this long-sleeve wetsuit top. Flexible nylon allows for optimal mobility, while still offering all the benefits of UV-protection, neutral buoyancy for improved speed, and abrasion resistance. The Sodwana Nylon 54 also comes in handy in colder conditions, when layering with a full bodysuit is preferred.

*Nylon spandex construction with enhanced four way stretch
*Embedded antimicrobial micro-spheres protect against pathogens
*Abrasion resistance and color control ensure long-lasting suit
*UV Protected fabric keeps skin safe and doesn't oxidize
*Elastic thumb bands to keep arms in place
*Neutral buoyancy
*This Aeroskin product is great for Scuba Diving, Swimming, Wind Surfing, Water Aerobics, Water Skiing, Jet Ski, Kayaking, Triathlon
*Proudly custom-made in the USA

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