Community Partnership

The brand Aeroskin started in 1996 and was acquired in 2007 by 777 Worldwide. Being a small business, we have encountered a lot of challenges in managing operational costs while maintaining the best quality of products to offer. The recession hit the U.S. A few years back and a lot of other businesses closed down or are still struggling until now. Despite the economical crisis, we are proud to say that we were able to withstand the most trying times. We won't say that we didn't have a tough time, but nevertheless, we were able to manage and years after until this day we are proud to say that we have grown stronger as a brand. Six years after the acquisition, we feel that we have reached a milestone due to the many blessings that have come Aeroskin's way. We are still a growing business but we have big dreams not only for ourselves but for other small businesses like us as well.

In order to give back due to the help that we have received, $1 of your purchase will be set aside to help a community­based business in San Francisco to become self sustaining. We will invest in their community­based business by lending the portion set aside from your purchases. The total amount will be used in for their operational costs and other miscellaneous expenses. We will ensure that they use it for something that will give then growth and sustainability. If the business gains back the same amount in profit, that gain will be reinvested in another community­based business. Moreover, it is not just lending out money to these small businesses. It's main focus is to teach them how to become self sustaining If you know of the saying “Give man fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” It is such of great coincidence that Aeroskin's logo is a fish. It is our dream to change lives. We want to teach communities on how to do it like how we did it. We will strive hard to nurture and educate people on how to manage sustainable small businesses for their community. This way we would be able to ensure that these communities would be able to stand by themselves in the long run.

Help us teach them the Aeroskin way.

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