Welcome to the NEW Aeroskin Worldwide!

Posted on 22 November 2016

A better, more connected Aeroskin Worldwide.




Welcome to a whole new Aeroskin Worldwide! While our core values and dedication to quality  remain as solid as ever, we’ve made some exciting changes to the company and our site. We hope you’ll join us on this adventure as we explore new possibilities in the world of diving, surfing, and all watersports.


Keep reading to find out what’s new at Aeroskin!          


The Aeroskin Approach




Nothing is more valuable to us than the connections we make. Whether you’re new to us, or a lifelong Aeroskin fan, you are the lifeblood of our company. Many of our loyal customers have been with us for decades, and we’ve seen multiple generations of divers/surfers and divers/surfers-in-training utilize our products. Our goal has always been to foster togetherness through a mutual love of the waters, and that shows in our relationships and our products. No matter where the current takes you, Aeroskin is #inthewaterswithyou.  

  • We will be releasing a collection for the whole family soon!
  • We added cool new patterns that complements your daring adventures and fun loving personalities!



A more defined identity


Let’s talk about our new logo. Why the guppy? We feel that this fish embodies our core values of connectedness and togetherness. In addition, as one of the most versatile and widely distributed fish, the guppy is the perfect symbol for us as we spread the Aeroskin love across the waters. This logo pays respect to our old logo, with just a more slick modern look and coloring.  *In the next couple of months, your favorite Aeroskins will have the new logo in the them.  


As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve also made a visual and experiential revamp to our website. We designed a new website to showcase who we really are as a company. We are designers—performance driven, and efficient. We wanted to create a clean, streamlined browsing experience that makes shopping easy and fun.  



 Focus on added value and functionality


We’ve been dedicated to quality since 1995—that’s over 20 years of commitment to you and the products we make. We want to invite you to be a part of our continuous development. That’s why we welcome you to our survey: to understand what is most important to you, and tailor our products and services to meet your needs. We also hope to evolve and innovate with new technologies, as we dive head-first into the 21st century.



Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions about the new Aeroskin Worldwide.


Is Aeroskin still under the same owner?

It sure is! Aeroskin is still under the leadership of Cecil Listana, with her husband Lorenzo. We just thought it was time for a fresh new look and approach to the brand.   


Will this affect the quality of your products or how they’re produced?

 Not at all. We still manufacture everything in San Francisco, practicing hands-on production to ensure flawless quality before each product is shipped to you. Not to mention that we’ll continue to customize suits for all of your needs, just as before.


 Will I still be able to find my favorite products?

 Absolutely. Our much-loved line of original products are not going anywhere.


 I have other questions that haven’t been answered here.

 We love questions. Go ahead and send them our way.




At Aeroskin, we go against the grain. While other companies embrace a hands-off, large-scale production style, we’re unique. We understand that the most valuable part of the of the Aeroskin community are the people who use and enjoy our products: you. This is why we embrace connectivity in all aspects of what we do.  


It begins with our products. We make everything by hand, custom-fit specifically for your needs, overseeing every aspect of production and manufacturing. From there, it goes wherever you take it. No matter where you dive or surf, our dedication to quality endures even your most daring adventures. Lastly, it’s in the services we provide. We’re eager to answer your questions, and meet your needs in any conceivable way. Because we’re passionate about the dive, we’re always in the waters with you.


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